Pain in the wrists

Along with the back, the wrists are the ones who suffer the most in the office. Our way of typing on the computer and the fact of handling the mouse for so many hours causes us to develop a very annoying and painful injury, tendonitis in the ulnar extensor of the carpus.      

The Ideal Decoration for Small Offices

At present the spaces are increasingly smaller than they were before. Small spaces such as apartments, houses and office environments are often on hand. Small spaces should not be limited to decorating the best way because with a little imagination, a lot of desire to make and order can organize your environment in a suitable

What do you need to take into consideration for your home office

  A good advantage of a home office is the comfort we will have, and with that, our performance and productivity will increase, but before that, we need to take into consideration some aspects such as: the space you have, the budget and the time you are going to use it. Here is a small

The best office chair, what chair do I buy to avoid pain at work?

First, you need to know that some chairs are better than others, do not buy the first chair you see just because it beautiful and cheap. If you are looking to avoid any kind of pain caused by the way you seat, here you will see what the ideal chair needs to provide you comfort

What is ergonomics?

According to the International Association of Ergonomics, ergonomics is the set of scientific knowledge applied to make work, systems, products and environments fit the physical and mental capacities and limitations of the person.     According to the Spanish Association of Ergonomics, ergonomics is the set of multidisciplinary knowledge applied to the adaptation of artificial