Pain in the wrists

Along with the back, the wrists are the ones who suffer the most in the office. Our way of typing on the computer and the fact of handling the mouse for so many hours causes us to develop a very annoying and painful injury, tendonitis in the ulnar extensor of the carpus.




This injury involves an inflammation of the tendon that goes along the back of the wrist and is caused by repetitive twists and flexing the wrist backwards continuously. It is a very typical racquet sports and basketball injury, but surely many who have never practiced these sports, or do not do it very assiduously, have sometimes noticed a pain that starts at the wrist and that, in many cases, rises to the elbow.

If you look carefully at the position that our hand has to have when driving the mouse you will see that we do not have it in a natural position (straight, in line with the arm), our hand must be tilted, which also happens if the keyboard of our computer is old (the keyboards were previously made with a small inclination).

Keeping this gesture during all the hours we spend in the office every day, will make us suffer this tendinitis.





Making small adjustments in the way you sit and work can make the difference between working safely or suffering from one of these injuries.

The advices I can give you are:

-Keep your hands straight on the keyboard, the little fingers have to reach the keys at the ends.




-Try to get a mouse mat that has a lift on the outside. This elevation is designed to support the wrist, so that your hand will not tilt up to catch the mouse and your wrist will not suffer. If it is not possible to get this mat, try to spend the static mouse of the computer, it is slower but your wrist will remain in the correct position.


-We advise that when leaving the work you perform some type of sport and that at the end you stretch well, without forgetting to stretch the muscles of the back and neck.






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