The best office chair, what chair do I buy to avoid pain at work?

First, you need to know that some chairs are better than others, do not buy the first chair you see just because it beautiful and cheap. If you are looking to avoid any kind of pain caused by the way you seat, here you will see what the ideal chair needs to provide you comfort and then increase your performance at work



1. Height adjustable seat: For the simple reason that not all of us have our legs as long. The feet should rest on the floor and the hips and knees should form a 90 degree angle.





2. The armrests must be adjustable:  The forearms should rest on the armrests comfortably while the elbow is close to the body. If we cannot join the elbow to the body while we are leaning, it is too high. If we cannot contact the entire forearm comfortably, it is too low. All this we measured when correctly seated in the chair.






3. There are more features to take into account as the width and length of the chair and the support of the back but that is more intuitive, we will notice if we are comfortable or is very large or small the chair. Another important detail is whether the backrest is reclining at the angle we want or if it is fixed. Most are recliners. This is important because if the backrest is too far back the neck will suffer in its effort to remain erect.



Remember, when you buy a chair for your office, do not buy the first one you see. Try to buy the one which matches the characteristics previously mentioned. If you do that, you will avoid any kind of pain and won’t affect your performance.

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